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vue-tsc (Volar)

You can use vue-tsc checker for your Vue3 project. If you're still using Vue2, choose VLS checker.


  1. Make sure vue-tsc & typescript are installed as a peer dependency of your Vite project.

    pnpm add vue-tsc@latest typescript -D


    The vue-tsc version must be >= 0.33.9. vue-tsc has released a 1.0.0 version, it's recommended to try it out.

  2. Add vueTsc field to plugin config.

    export default {
      plugins: [checker({ vueTsc: true /** or an object config */ })],


Advanced object configuration table of options.vueTsc

fieldTypeDefault valueDescription
rootstringVite config rootRoot path to find tsconfig file
tsconfigPathstring"tsconfig.json"Relative tsconfig path to root
  1. (optional for Vue2 project only) The type check is powered by vue-tsc so it supports Vue2. According to the documentation, you need to install @vue/runtime-dom for Vue version <= 2.6.14.

Released under the MIT License.