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with traditional backend (require version >= 0.5.4)

overlay does not display in development mode

When integrating with a traditional backend, in development mode, you need to inject vite-plugin-checker's runtime manually.

<!-- if development -->
<script type="module" src="http://localhost:5173/@vite/client"></script>
<script type="module" src="http://localhost:5173/main.js"></script>
<!-- add below for vite-plugin-checker -->
<script type="module" src="http://localhost:5173/@vite-plugin-checker-runtime-entry"></script>

with Nuxt3

overlay does not display in development mode

There're two ways to use vite-plugin-checker with Nuxt3 for now.

Use vite-plugin-checker as a normal Vite plugin (require version >= 0.5.5)

There are a few steps to do:

  1. Add vite-plugin-checker typescript vue-tsc @types/node as devDependencies to your Nuxt project.

  2. Create a Vue component with content:

    // vite-plugin-checker.vue
    <script setup>
  3. Add vite-plugin-checker to vite.plugins in nuxt.config.ts.

    import { checker } from 'vite-plugin-checker'
    export default defineNuxtConfig({
      vite: {
        plugins: [
            vueTsc: true,
  4. Import component above in the root component of your Nuxt project to have a global error overlay.

    <script setup lang="ts">
    import Vpc from './vite-plugin-checker.vue'
      <!-- your app code -->
          <Vpc />

You are all set in both development and build mode.

Enable vite-plugin-checker as a built-in Nuxt functionality


The error overlay can not be displayed in this way, we'll try to fix this with Nuxt in the future.

See Nuxt's official documentation's typecheck section.

Released under the MIT License.